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Greener Blast Slurry/Vapor Blast Machine

Product Description

Greener Blast Brochure

This new and innovative blasting machine provides nearly endless opportunities in the blasting and coatings industries. This allows for blasting in conditions never achievable using the traditional method, while still producing, in conventional applications. All of which are achieved while saving time and money. The options are endless with a Greener Blast unit in your fleet.

The Greener Blast high performance slurry blasting system is built for maximum production, requiring a minimum of a 375cfm to operate with the ability to handle upwards of 1,500cfm, more air equals more production. This high performance slurry blaster is capable of drive nozzles ranging from #6 to #12, while blasting at pressures 15psi to 100psi. This machine allows for the tackling of nearly any job one may desire to take on.

The Greener Blast Package
■One High Performance Slurry Blaster (Patent pending)
■50‘ 1-1/4″ Blast hose
■50’ Twin Line
■Schmidt Deadman Switch
■#8 Kennametal XL Performance Nozzle

Unit Dimensions
■31in x 78in x 55in
■Tare Wt. 1,030Lbs.
■Gross Wt. 2,900Lbs.
■7.6 Ft. Certified Blast Pot

Blast Medias
■Recycled Glass
■Glass Bead
■Dupont StarBlast
■Aluminum Oxide
■Numerous Others

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