Grime Away Tub Dispenser with 72 10″ x 12″ premoistened wipes

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Quickly Removes:

  • Transformer Oils
  • Cable Gels
  • Silicone Greases
  • Gray and Black Oxide Inhibitors
  • Dirt/Soil
  • Adhesives
  • Caulk
  • C Cement
  • HDD Pipe Thread Grease
  • Tar/Asphalt
  • Use On:
    • Tools
    • Transformers
    • Work Surfaces
    • Equipment
    • Service Vehicles
    • Machinery
    • Skin
    • And More
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Product Description

Grime-Away wipes are heavy-duty
towelettes premoistened with a multi-
purpose cleaning solution.

Grime-Away moisturizes and softens
hands while cleaning tools and surfaces.

Grime-Away towels feature a textured
side to quickly remove greases, dirt, and
grime. They also feature a soft side to be
gentler on skin.

Grime-Away is tested and approved for compatibility with rubber insulating gloves. Salisbury by Honeywell used their “Criteria for Evaluating Chemicals in Contact with Salisbury Natural Rubber Lineman Equipment” to determine the affect of Grime-Away on skin contact with insulating gloves. Salisbury approves Grime-Away for cleaning hands which then contact insulating gloves (not for use on the gloves themselves).