SPR450 P-100 Nuciance Filter 2/pk

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Small, lightweight P100 Nuisance Odor HESPA replaceable filter

  • Maximum protection against dust, mists and fumes with a 99995% efficiency, Also removes any unpleasant or harmful odors
  • Filter is hydro-phobic meaning it is water resistant
  • Smaller, thinner and flexible design allows the filter to be easily interchanged


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Product Description

Replacement filter to the GVS Elipse half mask safety respirator. P100 HESPA nuisance odor filter that has a filter efficiency of 99.995% in a small, lightweight and flexible filter. designed to remove low level odors and gases that could be unpleasant as well as harmful to health. Sold as a set (2 filters) and fits both S/M or M/L size masks

GVS Elipse SPR450 Replacement Nuisance Odor Filters,

Both Small/Medium and Medium/Large, Purple (Pack of 2)