RPB® C40 Climate Control Device “NEW” WOW!!


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Looking for an advanced climate control device that can heat and cool your supplied air by just the slide of a lever? Look no further than the RPB® C40. From the searing heat of an Arizona summer to a severe Scandinavian winter the RPB® C40 will keep you comfortable.

Manufactured from carefully selected engineering grade materials the C40 can cool incoming air by up to 52 degrees Fahrenheit or heat it by up to 33. All this is achieved by simply switching the mixing lever from hot to cold! The device is light weight and ergonomically designed to sit comfortably on the operator’s hip. The RPB C40 pairs with most of our respirator range.


•Adjustable flow control dial
•Choice from a range of inlet couplings
•Air inlet rotates 360 degrees
•No need for heat shield or heat protective clothing
•Minimal maintenance – only air filters requiring cleaning or replacing


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