USED!! 64:1 Wiwa Professional Sprayer


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Product Description

• Dual action pump with long stroke and fixed packings.• Maintenance free, low noise  compressed air motor. • Thorough cleaning through an  innovative flushing system. • A closed lubrication chamber separates the air motor and the material pump. The lubricant prevents paint from drying onto the piston rod and protects the packings. • Large valve and material passages make processing highly viscous  materials simple. • Pre-tensioned, self adjusting packings reduce wear and tear and lower  maintenance costs. • Above-average service life due to hard chromed dual pistons, carbide faced valve plates and stainless steel valve balls. • Dual filter system prevents downtime. The air motor is largely prevented from freezing by the standard, integrated maintenance unit. • Efficient use through the simultaneous feeding of several spray guns, depending on the nozzle size and  the viscosity of the coating material. • Environmentally friendly thanks to noise levels being kept to a minimum by the optimised control system and the large muffler. • Perfect surfaces and larger area  coverage. • The low number of components  makes maintenance simple.